5 Facts About White Sugar You Didn’t Know

White sugar is a staple food that is used on a regular basis in households. Indians are fond of eating sweet dishes, which are incomplete without the sweetness of white sugar. However, now people have become diet conscious and try to avoid consuming white sugar. Still, it is holding a tight grip in the Indian kitchens. So, today, let’s look at some of the interesting facts about white sugar which we bet you didn’t know.

Sugar was not a sweetener when discovered

White sugar was first introduced in the 12th century in England. However, it was a luxury and people used it as a spice. It was added along with ginger, cinnamon and other spices to prepare various spicy delicacies.

White sugar is not a vegetarian dish

Yes, you read that right. White sugar gets the sparkling white colour from the animal bone char. The refined sugar which we bring in our homes is generally prepared with animal bone char to make it look white in colour. Not all brands use bone char but mostly white sugar has some amount of it.

White sugar has medicinal qualities

In ancient times, white sugar was used as medicine. It was used to cure diseases ranging from eye ailments to fever and cough. Sugar has healing powers which made it popular as a medicine in European countries.

White Sugar is a foodless food

White sugar is prepared with sugarcane or sugar beet and provides you with instant energy. This is because it has 99.9 per cent sucrose in it. Even if you have not eaten anything, white sugar can make your body function. Therefore, it is called foodless food.

White sugar has toxic effects on liver, similar to alcohol

White sugar contains fructose which helps in building fat. If we consume an excessive amount of white sugar, then it can lead to the building of fatty acids in our liver. This in turn leads to the damaging of the human liver. The effects are similar to that prolonged use of alcohol creates on the liver.

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