5 Winter Food Items You Immediately Need to Stop Consuming in Summers

With the onset of March, the weather starts changing and to cope with this change, it’s necessary to check our food intake. While the temperatures start to rise, our food habits sometimes continue to follow winter choices. And that’s never a good idea.

The food items we enjoyed during winters start showing negative effects on our bodies and cause several issues. Nutritionist Divya Gandhi says that continuing consumption of warm winter foods can cause several harmful effects. So with the change in weather, it’s also important to make a few changes to our regular diet to adapt it according to the weather. Here’s a list of 5 food items that you ate in winters but immediately to check in summers

Tea or Coffee

In winter, we continue to sip cup after cup of tea and coffee to keep our bodies warm. However, doing so can in the changing weather be very harmful to our bodies. Drinking tea or coffee regularly can cause acidity problems and their consumption can even disturb our sleep cycle.

Oily Food

Our body can digest oily food in winters very easily. However, with the change in weather, such food items can cause a lot of trouble. If we continue to consume oily food in summers, it will keep our body warm due to which we may feel too hot or anxious. In summers, we should try to consume food items that have a cooling effect on the body.

Garam Masala

Garam masala is a very important part of Indian food but with the onset of the summer season, even its consumption needs to be checked. Having a large amount of garam masala in food items can even prepone periods for women. Further, it can also cause hot flashes and anxiety effects.


With the arrival of winter, the use of ginger in our tea, curries and many other food items. It keeps our body warm and helps the body deal with the drop in mercury. However, we are so used to the taste that we often don’t change our consumption patterns of ginger.

If we don’t cut down on our ginger consumption, it can cause blisters in our mouth, pimples on the face and various other such effects. Ginger consumption in summer over the required quantity can trigger faster heartbeats.


Another food item whose consumption needs to be checked with the change in weather is garlic. Garlic by nature is hot and its unchecked consumption can cause inflammation in the stomach and even loose motion. So with the change in weather please don’t forget to check the quantity of garlic in your food items.

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