Your Usual Headache Can be a Sign of Migraine, Look for These Symptoms

Unlike common headaches, when a migraine strikes a person experiences severe throbbing pain on one side of the head. The condition can affect people at any age but it usually starts during the teenage years. Migraine headaches are believed to get more frequent in the 30s whereas one is less likely to experience them in old age.

Being one of the world’s most common neurological disease, migraine affects nearly 1 billion people worldwide. It is not necessary that all those who are affected know about their condition. Migraine headaches are usually accompanied by other health issues like vomiting, nausea and extreme sensitivity to light and sound.

People suffering from migraine sometimes experience pain that can last for even days sometimes. According to experts, it is important for one to know the symptoms of migraine so that it can be dealt with in time.

A person is likely to observe several changes in the body which indicate that a migraine attack is imminent. These include anxiety, loss of appetite, constipation, food cravings, moodiness, crankiness and a brief period of depression among others.

During a migraine attack, headache is followed by several other troubles that can aggravate the condition. These are said to be reversible symptoms of the nervous system and include visual disturbances among others. Seeing bright spots, different shapes or flashes of light has been observed in many people.

Some people also tend to lose their vision during or after the headache and can feeling of pins and needles in the arm. One can also face difficulty speaking and numbness on one side of the body or in face.

Once a person has gone through a migraine attack, he can remain sensitive to light and sound and can even get confused, moody, dizzy or drained.

Doctors advise that one must see a doctor if he has experienced severe headaches especially during coughing, straining or doing some physical activity. Also, if several symptoms like stiff neck and changes in vision don’t improve even after the headaches are gone, expert help must be taken.

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