Bridal Looks That are Trending in 2022

Every year, wedding seasons present to us new, unique and mesmerising makeup trends that often leave us awestruck. For a bride, it is quite a dilemma to select a look for their wedding day. You do not want to look over the top, but still want to outshine everyone. This is why you must select an elegant makeup look that complements your wedding dress and makes you look more beautiful than ever. Here are some of the bridal makeup looks that are trending in 2022 that you can opt for your big day.

Dewy skin

It is best to create a soft-focus on the selected feature of your face. It can make you look radiant as ever without creating extra shine.

Subtle smoky eyes and bold lips

The traditional bold lips makeup look is an evergreen choice of brides. If you want to rock that bold red lips or any bold colour lips that make sure that you go easy on the eyes. You can have subtle smoky eyes to balance out your look. You can select metallic bronze eye shadows, as it goes well with all Indian skin tones.

Nude lips and gentle smokey eyes

If you want to enhance your eyes, then smokey eyes are a convenient option. To balance your bold eyes, keep your lips in nude colour. Make sure that you adjust the blush and lip colour for your smokey eyes to stand out.

Shimmer yet simple look

The brides of 2022 are all in for ‘simple and sober’ looks. Bright eyes and sparkling eyeshadow can give you the top shimmer look, so keep things simple and yet shimmery, you can opt for a smooth base, little mascara, and shimmery eyeshadow. It will give you a natural look with just the right amount of sparkle that you need on your big day.

Play with bold colours

Colours like pinks, deep purples, reds, and greens depict fun. With a smooth base, thick lashes, and shimmery colourful eyelids you can create a dazzling colourful look.

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