What Is The Perfect Age To Join Gym?

From celebrities to commoners, everyone is crazy about working out. People are so into it that missing gym even for a day makes them feel as if they have sinned. You can spot many people in the gym who are in their teenage years. More than a fitness regimen, going to the gym has become a fashion trend. Kids as young as 14-15 are working out in the gym, but is it ideal for young people to go to the gym? If not, then what is the right age of going to the gym, Let’s find out.

When to join the gym?

Our body goes through several changes as it ages. Our muscles continue to grow larger and stronger in our teen years. At the age of 17-18, our body becomes mature and strong enough to bear the results of vigorous exercises at the gym. Growing up, our body also faces a lot of hormonal changes and we need good nutrition to cope with all the changes that our body goes through.

So, stressing our body at the gym cannot be an ideal choice and it also affects our physical growth. We can do other physical activities to keep our body fit such as running, swimming, any sort of sports, yoga, and more. It is not necessary that only working out in a gym would provide our body with the needed physical workout. It is suggested that we keep a distance from weighted squats and deadlifts till 17-18.

After this age, our body becomes mature enough to go through the physical change that a heavy workout in the gym would bring. Make sure that you are under the supervision of a professional trainer who is well-qualified. Start from the basics and then move on to the right techniques and safe movements.

Make sure to update your diet and calories intake according to your gym routine.

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