Unknown Facts About Ahom Kingdom In North East

Our history textbooks at school have hardly educated us about one of the largest kingdoms of North East India, the Ahom Kingdom. Established in 1228 in the Brahmaputra valley of Assam, the Ahom kingdom retained its sovereignty for 600 years. Renowned for their bravery, the Ahoms didn’t even fall to the might of the powerful Mughal Empire. The foundations of the Ahom Kingdom were laid in the 13th century by the first king, Chaolung Sukaphaa, who is believed to have travelled from present-day Myanmar.

Most of us are unaware that in the 17th century, in 1671, General Lachit Borphukan led Ahoms in the Battle of Saraighat, which is considered among the greatest naval battles on a river. The result was a victory for the Ahoms and a rare defeat for the Mughals.

So let’s dive into some unknown facts about the Ahom Kingdom:

Ahoms rule longer than Mauryans and Mughals

The Mughal dynasty lasted for around 331 years, the Gupta dynasty existed for around 290 years and the Mauryan empire ruled for around 142 years, but the Ahom dynasty ruled the North-Eastern parts of India for 598 years. Not just this, but they also defeated the Mughals 17 times in a span of 60 years.

Great Architecture

The main architectural landmark of Ahom Kingdom is Tolatol Ghor and Kareng Ghor in Assam’s Sibsagar district, which was the capital of the Ahoms . It would be interesting to know that the amazing structure was built of baked bricks and organic cement, which were made with sticky rice and duck eggs.

Scrumptious cuisine

Ahoms are very well known for their delicious non-vegetarian cuisine. The food has certain similarities with the South East Asian delicacies. If you are visiting the region, then they should not miss smoked pork and pork rice. Gulp it all down with the flavourful The rice beer made by the locals.

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