No Smoking Day 2022: Why Quitting Smoking is all the More Important Amid Covid-19 Pandemic?

No Smoking Day 2022: Smoking is undeniably an unhealthy habit. The adverse impacts of smoking affect an individual in many ways. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 8 million deaths occur every year due to tobacco consumption.

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 People tend to smoke to release stress or get the habit through their peers. But the regular usage of tobacco, the killer product in cigarettes, leads to dependence in several ways. Smoking, as everyone knows, has deadly consequences. The regular consumption of tobacco also leads to several health issues. The Covid-19 pandemic has only worsened the situation for smokers.

Multiple studies found smokers are at high risk to catch the virus, compared to non-smokers. Smoking also raises your risk of severe illness if you get the virus.

Quitting smoking has become crucial amid the pandemic since people addicted to tobacco are walking a tightrope in terms of health problems. On No Smoking Day, here are some reasons why quitting smoking is important amid the deadly pandemic.


It’s obvious that smoking leads to cancer. Several studies show consuming tobacco can directly cause 85% of lung cancer. It includes the risk of cancer in your mouth, throat, stomach, and kidney. People with comorbidities like cancer are highly vulnerable to succumbing to Covid-19.

Lung Diseases

Coronavirus is an infectious disease. It primarily targets your lungs. Smoking impairs the functions of the lungs. As a result, your body has trouble fighting respiratory illnesses such as Covid-19.

Weak Immune system

Smoking can also damage your immune system, making you vulnerable to respiratory problems. Coronavirus majorly attacks your immune system, causing death in people with compromised immunity.

Heart Disease

Smoking can also increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Smoking cigarettes doubles the risk of strokes. With many people in their 40s and 50s becoming victims of cardiac arrest, it is important to know how smoking makes you vulnerable to heart complications.

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