Looking for Best Toothpaste? Follow These Tips to Make the Right Choice

Oral health is one of the important parts of our physical hygiene. As we prioritise smelling good to feel confident, breathing good and fresh is also equally necessary. However, people often get confused about choosing the best toothpaste for them. With numerous options available in the market, we often rely on TV advertisements. However, commercials don’t always tell the truth and most often than not hide harmful ingredients in their toothpaste. Therefore, we have come up with a few tips to help you find the suitable toothpaste.

Check for Fluoride on the label

An ideal toothpaste has several ingredients in it but fluoride is the most important of all. Fluoride is essential to protect the enamel of your teeth and make sure your gums are strong. Not just this, fluoride is a natural mineral that helps in protecting the teeth from decay.

List your needs

Every individual has different needs in terms of oral health. Some might need to address sensitivity while others might want to make their teeth white. So, before making a purchase, list your needs. Then, talk to your dentist and ask him what type of toothpaste is suitable for you.

Look for IDA Seal

Before coming to the shelves, a good quality toothpaste goes under a variety of tests and quality checks. The seal of the Indian Dental Association is required by toothpaste manufacturers. Therefore, you must check for the IDA seal on your toothpaste. If there is no such mark or seal, then you know the answer.

Check the RDA level

Every toothpaste has abrasive agents in it which help in keeping the teeth clean and white. The amount of abrasive agents present in the toothpaste is called Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA) which varies from toothpaste to toothpaste. If any toothpaste has an RDA level less than 250, then it is safe to use, however, levels above 250 may damage the teeth.

Avoid sugar in toothpaste

Various toothpastes have sugar in them which are proven to decay the teeth. While reading the ingredients, make sure to check that your toothpaste should not have sugar in it. IDA-approved toothpastes are generally sugar-free and prevent decay.

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