Ishaan Khatter Finds New Love In Rock Climbing

After achieving a ripped physique through weightlifting, calisthenics and other forms of exercise, actor Ishaan Khatter is now trying his hand at rock climbing. Ishaan recently shared a series of photos on his Instagram page where he is seen showcasing some raw skills while practicing the adventure sport. “Is anyone doing an Indian Spider-Man?” he wrote in the caption.

Rock climbing is an adventure sport that requires immense strength and stamina and is considered one of the most physically demanding sports. In rock climbing, one climbs up natural rock formations or even artificial rocks mostly by putting his/her muscles to use.

Being that strenuous, rock climbing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Ishaan Khatter appears to be going all-in to get better at the sport. In one picture, he is seen standing atop a rock that he has successfully climbed. While putting his incredibly muscular body to display, the actor ditches the shirt for the climb.

Although rock climbing is an outdoor sport, Ishaan is even seen practicing it at a house. He skillfully scales a rocky wall with his climbing shoes on and chalk bag hanging from his waist. Besides being a thrilling activity that is preferred by adventure junkies, rock climbing also involves significant risks of suffering severe injuries. Keeping that in mind, Ishaan does not forget to attach a safety harness while climbing his way up on the rocks.

While doing rock climbing, one is required to engage multiple muscles at a time. From legs, shoulders, biceps, and forearms, every muscle helps you hang from a rock and pull your body weight.

Apart from this, rock climbing enhances your grip strength. When an individual navigates through the naturally formed rocks, it also tests his mental strength and thus improves his problem-solving ability.

Rock climbing can also serve as a great activity to burn loads of calories and get more agile naturally. It also works on the body balance and can be performed to gain strength, muscles, and endurance.

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