Common Covid-19 Symptoms of Omicron Infection in Vaccinated People

In the third wave of Covid-19 led by the omicron variant of the virus, many contracted the virus including vaccinated individuals. As the third wave was milder with no harsh consequences, many let their guard down doing their regular work as earlier, going to markets, meeting people, and so on, which let it become a strong carrier of the infection.

Though, the symptoms may seem like normal flu but need to be paid full attention to. Besides following needed Covid-19 measures of social distancing, wearing masks, etc, it is extremely important to have wide knowledge about the common symptoms.

With following all the precautionary measures and getting jabbed against the viral infection, here’s a clear view of the common symptoms of the infection that one can get even after vaccination.

The common symptoms of Covid infection are runny nose, sore throat, muscle pain, chronic sneezing, headache, new cough, and congested nose.

Sore Throat: The occurrence of sore throat is particularly seen during the COVID infection. Whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, many faced ‘scratchy’ throat with pain. Since the arrival of coronavirus disease, it is one of the predominant symptoms which people notice at first.

Headache: Just like the common cold, the headache comes with the infection too. There may be various reasons that may be causing headache but if one is suffering from headache with other infectious symptoms, it is advised to consult the doctor and get tested immediately.

Runny Nose: One of the most common symptoms is a runny nose. A 2021 report by the ZOE COVID Study suggests that when the positive rate of the viral infection is low, then there are fewer chances that it is a symptom of Covid.

Muscle Pain: Irrespective of vaccination status, during the third wave, symptoms of body aches and muscle pains were reported in the majority of cases.

Chronic sneezing: The ZOE COVID study revealed that vaccinated people reported to have suffered more from the symptom of uncontrollable or chronic sneezing.

New Cough: Cough has remained a persistent symptom of Covid during all the waves in all variants discovered.

Congested Nose: Another most common symptom, the congested nose was detected in the jabbed population too.

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