Sameera Reddy States its Normal to Get Tired, Says, Don’t Feel Like Moving an Inch on Some Days

Actress Sameera Reddy has been actively giving her fans some much-needed fitness motivation lately while also being open about body image issues. However, Sameera also likes to keep things practical and relatable as well. In her latest Instagram video, Sameera has admitted about being lazy and facing the lack of energy to even move sometimes. Using the hashtag “fitness Friday,” Sameera shared her thoughts on common issues that are faced by people on their fitness journey.

“Trying to stay on the wagon, moody? Hormonal? Or just plain tired?” wrote Sameera in the caption. In the video, Sameera said that there are days when she “doesn’t want to move an inch”. Sameera added that although it’s fitness Friday, where she posts fitness videos, she would be honest to share some thoughts.

Responding to women who keep enquiring about her impressive energy levels, Sameera said that “I am hormonal, I am PMS (Premenstrual syndrome)”. She further admitted that she is not that energetic all the time. She shared that people often watch her doing a number of activities throughout the day and wonder how she keeps up with the energy.

While being open about the challenges, Sameera said that it is good to admit and then try to overcome them. But she also insisted that it is important to follow a routine by making slow progress. “So let’s not block our brains and go beyond,” said Sameera while emphasising that it is “normal” to get tired. She concluded her motivational video by asserting that one needs to “get up and get moving”.

Detailing her idea of fitness Friday, Sameera wrote in the captions that it is “also about being honest with ourselves”. She claimed that one can achieve a healthy lifestyle only after connecting with his/her own body.

Praising Sameera for her honesty and being real about the challenges, users in the comment section were quick in agreeing with her. “You are an inspiration,” wrote one user while others even shared their own experiences and drew motivation from the video.

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