Nia Sharma Shares Her Struggle With Gym Ball: ‘Don’t Mind Enjoying Failures’

Nia Sharma shared a video of herself struggling to balance her legs on a gym ball while trying to hold a plank.

Nia Sharma shared a video of her struggling to hold her body in a plank position while balancing her legs on a gym ball and failing at it.

Actress Nia Sharma loves to push herself to the limits. From trying her hands at new antics and workouts to portraying different roles on screen, Nia never shies away from taking up challenges. Just like many other B-town stars, Nia often shares videos of her gym sessions wherein the actor is seen performing stunning workout routines. However, on Saturday, she posted a rather unusual video on her Instagram. Nia shared a clip that featured her not being able to pull off an exercise. “I don’t mind enjoying failures too,” the actor captioned the video.

As the clip opens one can see the actor struggling to hold her body in a plank position while balancing her legs on a gym ball. Despite, repeated attempts Nia is not able to maintain her balance. Moments later, she was seen balancing her body with legs on the gym ball for a few seconds before she again slipped. In the clip, the actor was seen exercising using the gym ball – by lifting it with her legs and then hands.

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Fans are loving Nia’s commitment and also her being open about her failures. In the clip, Nia nailed the athleisure-wear game too. The actor had donned an all-black workout ensemble, workout shorts with a bralette and a backless top.

Time and again, she has proved that she is not just a great actor but also a phenomenal dancer. Though at present Nia is not featuring on any TV show or OTT project, she never misses an opportunity to entertain her fans. Therefore, the actor regularly updates her Instagram account with sizzling hot photos and some sensational dance videos. Two days ago, Nia set the internet frenzy with her dancing video, which featured her grooving to the beats of PCD’s Buttons.

Nia’s sensuous moves and flawless act left her fans asking for more dancing videos. We loved her clips too.

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