Happiness Mantra: Here’s Why You Should Not Compare Yourself To Others

We often compare ourselves to others, and it becomes a malady in people’s life. Every person deals with insecurity and is in search of inner peace. The state of being satisfied with what you are and what you have is not easy to achieve. A quote by American Baptist, author, and award-winning songwriter Steven Furtick says, “The reason why we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” This sums up very well that we keep comparing our weaknesses to the strength of others.

To get over this habit of comparing ourselves, we must do inner work. There is a video that can really help you understand how comparing ourselves is not ideal. In the animated video, there is a story of a crow who thinks that other birds are better than him, and as he talks to them and gradually discovers the truth.

In the video, a crow is sitting on the branch of a tree and asks a beautiful white swan who is swimming in the lake if he is the happiest bird in town. The swan replies, “Happy and me? Haven’t you seen the parrot? It’s got not one, but two beautiful colours!” The unhappy swan then points him towards a parrot. When the parrot hears it, he points toward the peacock saying that the peacock is more colourful than him. When the peacock hears it, he points out that because of his beauty, he is caged and will be sold for business. “How I wish I was a crow who could fly anywhere he wants to and listen to no one!” says the peacock.

This sums up the fact that we might compare ourselves to others thinking they are better than us but we do not know the hardship they go through. Sometimes you want to be like someone, but they wish to be like you. You can never judge anyone until you are in their shoe.

The video is shared by the channel named YoursWisely on Jun 7, 2018. By far it has more than 21 thousand views.

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