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Ever wondered what would happen to your Facebook account if you die? Well, Facebook has an option where you can appoint a ‘Legacy contact’ to look after your memorialised account or have your account permanently deleted from Facebook. For those users who don’t choose to have their accounts permanently deleted, it will be memorialised if Facebook becomes aware of their passing.
What are memorialised accounts?
Memorialised accounts are a place where friends and family can gather to share their memories and pour their love after a person has passed away. So, how will you understand whether an account is memorialised? A memorialised account will have the word ‘Remembering’ affixed next to the name of the individual who has passed away.
Sharing memories and making friends
Yes, friends can share their memories on the timeline of the deceased, depending on his/her privacy settings. Moreover, a memorialised profile will never pop up in suggestions for people you know, any kind of ads or birthday reminders. People, however, cannot log into memorialised accounts that have no legacy contacts added. Profiles with no legacy contacts cannot be changed.
How would you get your account deleted when you pass away
An individual may choose to get his/her account deleted when s/he passes away. Once a person dies, and after someone informs Facebook about the death, all messages, photos, posts, comments, reactions and information will be immediately and permanently removed from Facebook.
How can you request to delete your account
1) Click the down-facing icon at the top right portion of Facebook.
2) Select the settings and privacy option and then click on settings.
3) Then click on Memorialisation settings
4) Scroll down and click on the option stating “Request that your account be deleted after you pass away” and then eventually click on “Delete after death”

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