Easy Jackfruit Recipes You Should Try At Home

Jackfruit is considered a vegan superfood for its numerous nutritional values. Ayurveda considers it as an immediate energy booster since it is low in calories, high in dietary fibres, protein, Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and antioxidants. It’s also supposed to help with vata and pitta disorders. Jackfruit is high in potassium, which helps to maintain electrolyte balance and maintain healthy joints and muscles.

Raw jackfruit has a texture comparable to that of cooked meat. Jackfruit is produced in large quantities in Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Odisha and Goa, where it is used in a variety of traditional curries and vegetarian dishes. This fruit is now grown throughout tropical areas of Southeast Asia, as well as sections of Brazil and Africa.

You can make a variety of delectable dishes using jackfruit, also known as kathal in Hindi. Here are a couple of jackfruit recipes that are simple and quick to prepare at home.

Kathal Ke Kebab

It is a popular dish in Nepal. This kebab is made with cooked chana, soft kathal pieces, and aromatic spices, making it a perfect replacement for chicken and mutton kebabs.

Kathal Ki Sabzi

Served with hot rotis or parathas, kathal ki sabzi is a delectable meal made with peeled and fried jackfruit stewed in an array of spices with tomatoes and onions for flavour.

Kathal Ka Achaar

Yes, kathal, like other fruits and vegetables, may be used to make a sour, spicy pickle. The jackfruit pieces in this pickle are filled with red chillies and packed with turmeric, Haldi, mustard seeds, onion seeds, asafoetida and mustard oil. This might become your next go-to pickle.

Kathal Biryani

Want to cut off meat but can’t give up your favourite biryani? This is the ideal dish for you! This biryani is packed with the benefits of jackfruit and is sure to tempt your taste buds. Kathal biryani, with its aromas of garlic, coriander, turmeric, and garam masala, might be a terrific addition to your next lunch menu.

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