Curly Hair Problems? Try These Haircare Tips During Seasonal Change

Our haircare routine, which often gets ignored, demands extra attention during the seasonal change. And this becomes mandatory if you have curly hair. Tackling and managing your curly hair, as humidity and heat are constantly changing, can be a tricky task. The texture of the curly hair often appears dry and frizzy, and that is normal because the tight cuticles of the curly hair can’t retain the moisture, so they end up absorbing the moisture from the ambiance and swell up, this causes damage to the cuticle and further swelling.

Therefore it becomes extremely important to pay proper attention to your curly hair so that they stay strong all season. When it comes to curly hair you must always go for products that provide moisture to tackle your frizz, because that is the thin line between untamable curly hair and ordinary curly hair days. Remember you can up your curly haircare game just with the help of the right products, right care, and right hairstyles.

So, here are a few tips that will help your curls to look alive during the upcoming humid summer and seasonal changes:

Provide moisture to your hair

As we just learned that it is hard for the curly hair type to retain the moisture, so you need the products that will seal in the moisture after you have hydrated your curls. Reach out for syrupy gels and apply them over your leave in conditioner and they will minimise your frizz like a pro.

Safeguard your hair from sun

Use products that include ingredients that offer natural UV filtering properties like sesame oil and shea butter. But if you stay out in the sun for more than an hour then include stylish hats and scarfs in your look, to be extra protective.

Stay away from chemicals

This can’t be said enough. Choose your products wisely. Reach out for products that are alcohol-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free. Always learn about your scalp before buying a new product.

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