Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu Reveals She Was in Hospital 3 Days Before the Contest

Today is a special day for Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu as she celebrates her first birthday since she won the prestigious title last year. The diva, who turns 22 today, had a recent virtual interaction with anchor Sachin Kumbhar on the eve of her birthday on Miss Diva.org’s social media handle. She spoke about a variety of topics ranging from birthday celebrations and life in New York to how crucial it is to take care of one’s mental health.

“The days of pinching myself to see if it’s genuine are long gone. Every morning now, I wake up with a sense of gratitude,” she said. “It’s all about what comes after.” While admitting that life after the crown has brought many changes in her life, she remains the same old Harnaaz.

Asked about when she started dreaming big, she said it was certainly not from childhood. Harnaaz said she never planned her life and just went with the flow. Harnaaz stated she always found time for herself, stressing that she has a “balanced approach” toward things and chances.

“I place a high value on mental wellness. My father has always told me that no matter what happens or how much money one makes, it is all temporary. Never, ever, ever let yourself go. As a result, anytime I’m feeling overwhelmed, I recall what he said,” she explained.

About winning the beauty pageant, she said she felt beautiful to represent her country and was excited to meet women from all over the world and be able to learn from them.

She also called herself a good chef and said cooking is like therapy for her as she loves to take part in activities that allow her to spend time with herself. Asked about what she does when she is feeling low, Harnaaz said she feels low lots of times. “I have a habit of talking to myself. I read books or watch my videos and reflect on how I got started. I give a thought to it, cry it out and let it go,” she said. She also revealed that she was in the hospital for three days just before the contest where she learnt about her celiac disease and that she is allergic to gluten.

In a rapid-fire session, she said the Mediterranean, Indian and Mexican cuisines are her favourite and named Paris, Japan, Philippines and New York as her dream destinations, although she admittedly has ticked New York off the list as she is in the city now.

On her birthday, she said she visited the gurudwara and had a family time. She also shared cakes with those who cannot afford them.

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