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Fashion Designer Prasad Bidapa’s Son Arrested, Accused of Harassing An Actress

Choreographer and fashion designer Prasad Bidapa’s son Adam Bidapa has been arrested by the Bengaluru police. He has been accused of harassing and sending obscene messages to an actress.

“One lady had complained against Adam Bidappa that she is being harassed by him through obscene messages. Hence, a case was registered on Thursday at Indira Nagar police station and Adam has been secured by police to inquire and investigate into the complaints made against him,” a police officer said as cited by India Today.

Meanwhile, as reported by the Times of India, the actress has accused Adam of sending her ‘abusive and brutal’ messages in an inebriated state. “Me & my family are in extreme shock, have been brutally attacked on what’s app msg by a certain Vvip ‘s son who is a brat. He was completely drunk and out of his senses on Friday night at 11 pm on 25th Feb 2022 while this attack has happened,” the actress said.

Revealing that she is seven months pregnant, the actress further mentioned that the harassment impacted her mental health too. “We have taken necessary legal action against the same person. The messages are abusive, brutal, disgusting, cheap, hurting very and insulting, and have caused a lot of Mental disturbance to me in the last one week. Like all of you know I am seven months pregnant and I am refraining from indulging in anything that causes negative energy in my life,” she added.

The actress also claimed that she also spoke to the accused’s mother who revealed that her son is a habitual offender. “I have a lot of respect for the father of this VIP brat I’m attacked by, therefore only minimal action is taken so far, but however when I spoke to his mother she was very clear that this is his regular habit of harassing people without any connection, he makes these random attacks after he’s drunk. And I truly feel bad for his parents to be going through this. But I’m helpless I need to safeguard myself,” she added.

The actress concluded by saying that she is taking all possible legal measures to protect herself and her family.

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