Korean Diet Secrets Which You Should Include in Your Life to Get a Fit Body

Asian culture has a lot of prominence of food. One such Asian country where people love eating is Korea. However, we don’t see a lot of obese or fat people in the country. It has a lot to do with how Koreans eat and what they eat. Despite having a full-course heavy meal, their bodies tend to stay fit and slim which is a dream for many. Korean cuisine and lifestyle play important role in maintaining weight and fulfilling nutritional needs of the body. Let’s look at some of the secrets of Korean people which keep them healthy and slim along with satisfying their taste buds.

  1. Vegetables are the king of food

Be it appetizers, main course, snacks or fast food, Korean food has a lot of vegetables in it. One of the famous starters of Korea, Kimchi, can be made in various ways by including different veggies like spinach, cucumber, radish, and so on. Apart from this, Korean pickle is also made of vegetables like bamboo, root vegetables, and others. This makes the meal well-balanced and rich in nutrients which not only satisfy the taste needs but also fills the stomach with healthy food.

  1. A big no to fast food

Koreans do not often turn to fast food. However, with the increasing western culture in Asia, things are slowly changing but Koreans still try to stay away from it. Korean palate includes spicy, hot and sour food which do not let them crave for any fast food. Their appetizers which are made of veggies and meat is enough to make them feel good.

  1. Tea instead of aerated drinks

In western countries like America, people include a lot of soda in their diets. However, the case is different in Korea. People love having tea instead of aerated drinks. Tea is commonly served with Korean meals and taste a lot different from regular tea. One such tea which is quite popular in the country is Barley Tea. It is low on calorie and provides instant energy.

  1. Less sugar, more benefits

Korean meals are mostly spicy and sour. They do not include heavy desserts in their diet. Their desserts are light like fruit juices, a bowl of fresh fruits, or sweet rice drink. These do not make the body gain weight. Koreans know a way of making anything healthy. One of the famous Korean desserts, Patbingsu is tasty and healthy. It is made with shaved ice but do not have any artificial colour. To make it healthy, Koreans use a lot of fruits on top.

  1. Koreans walk a lot

We can’t say Koreans are exercise freak but one thing we can say is that they love to walk. As the country is condensed, people prefer walking rather than taking taxi or car. It has become a habit which keeps them healthy. Completing 10,000 steps a day is no big deal for them.

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