Supermodel Bella Hadid Describes Walking On Runway “Incredibly Odd” Amid Ukraine-Russia War

As Europe hosts an array of fashion weeks in London, Milan, and Paris, one cannot ignore the fact that there is a war raging in one of its countries. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, several Ukrainian have been forced to leave their homes and take shelter in neighbouring countries. Expressing her concern regarding the issue, Palestinian-Dutch model Bella Hadid shared a statement on her Instagram Story.

The 25-year-old model, who recently walked the ramp for Off-White in Paris Fashion Week, extended her support to colleague Mica Argañaraz, who announced on her Instagram Story that she will be donating part of her fashion week earnings to Ukrainian organisations. The Argentine model’s statement read: “I have to say it feels very weird walking fashion shows knowing there’s a war happening in the same continent. I will be donating part of my earnings from this fashion week to help Ukrainian organisations. To my model friends and colleagues and whoever is also struggling with this feeling, perhaps this is something we could all contribute to.”

Sharing Mica’s statement on her Instagram Story, which disappeared on Tuesday, Bella wrote, “You said it Mica Argañaraz. We have many Ukrainian friends, colleagues, models, production, casting and to see the lack of communication/knowledge about a war that is subsiding is very very sad.”

The supermodel added that it is “incredibly odd” to be walking in fashion shows, especially during a time like this. Bella urged people in the fashion industry to do their research and have open conversations about the devastation that is happening next door. Bella described fashion as “very lonely” which can make one “feel like an outcast” especially when it comes to politics or anything other than “fashion.”

Bella Hadid is donating part of her fashion week earnings to help Ukraine

In her latest Instagram post, Bella shared an image where a girl child was wearing a t-shirt that read, “Birth place: earth, Race: human, Politics: freedom, Religion: love.” Bella accompanied the image with a caption that read, “This is loud. You. Me. Us.”

This is not the first time Bella has voiced her political opinions on social media. The model often extends her support to Palestinians who have been fighting for their homeland against Israeli occupation.

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