Planning To Get Pregnant? Follow These Tips To Have A Healthy Baby

Pregnancy is a major change in a woman’s life. Even before conceiving, one has to take care of a lot of things. From keeping a track on the menstrual cycle to making lifestyle changes, pregnancy needs a lot of care. In case you are planning a baby and want to have a healthy baby, then you must make these small changes in your life to have a bigger impact.

Maintain a healthy weight

Weight plays an important role in getting pregnant. Being underweight or overweight, both conditions make it hard for the fetus to survive inside your body. A healthy Body Mass Index is needed to have a healthy baby. Exercise daily to have the right body weight.

Have a balanced diet

What you eat before pregnancy also determines the health of your baby. Include fresh fruits and vegetables to get enough nutrients, carbohydrates, high protein and fibre in your diet. Avoid foods that have high sugar and salt.

Take IFA tablets

From the time a female hits puberty, her body becomes prone to iron and folic acid deficiency. From adolescence, every girl should start having IFA tablets to fulfil the needs of Iron and folic acid of the body. Along with the IFA tablets, they must take an iron-rich diet along with Vitamin C to fulfil the needs of iron in the body.

Quit Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking, alcohol and other drugs are extremely harmful for the female body during pregnancy which can have a dangerous impact on the future child.

Avoid taking stress

If you are planning to have a baby, then try to keep yourself calm all the time. If you have a stressful environment at your workplace, then try to opt for activities that help in relieving stress. Practice yoga, breathing activities, singing, dancing and other activities to stay happy. A happy mind is the key to a happy body.

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