World NGO Day 2022: Theme, History, Significance and Celebrations

WORLD NGO DAY 2022: February 27 has been observed as World NGO Day in several countries across the world. Non-Governmental Organizations or NGOs work in the upliftment of society. It is an international day to recognise, celebrate and honour non-government and non-profit organisations and also those who contribute their time and efforts in making society a better place to live in.

World NGO Day: History and Significance

The Baltic Sea NGO Forum of the Council of the Baltic Sea State officially recognised this day on April 27, 2010. It was adopted in the forum’s Final Statement Resolution two years later. In 2014, February 27 was declared as World NGO Day and it became a historic day for the NGO community across the globe. An international calendar day, which is now known as ‘World NGO Day,’ was inaugurated for the first time on this day.

The Baltic Sea NGO Forum have member countries like Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Norway and Sweden.

World NGO Day aims to create awareness about the sector and encourage people across the world who work in the sector for a good cause. One interesting fact about World NGO Day is that the Government of each country, appreciate these people working selflessly in their official state languages.

Every year on World NGO Day, supporters and volunteers express their gratitude to individuals. Organisations are given awards and accolades, to motivate them to work harder. Overall, World NGO Day is observed in around 89 countries and 6 continents.

World NGO Day 2022: Theme

Every year, the theme for the day is set, and celebrations take place accordingly. The theme for World NGO Day 2022 is yet to be announced. The theme for World NGO Day 2021 was to align NGO’s work to reach United Nations Goal for Sustainable Development.

How can you celebrate World NGO Day?

You can volunteer for various NGOs and help them in their good deed. You can celebrate this day and the existence of these organisations through a monetary contribution.

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