From Diffused Lips to Soft Foundations, 5 Make-up Trends of 2022

Make-up trends are often influenced by pop culture and consumer behaviour. So, in 2022, we may see a continuation of soft, dewy make-up trends but with heavy Y2K elements, and conscious skin-nourishing ingredients. The Gen-Z will be wearing more of HBO series Euphoria-inspired look which heavily relies on glitter eye-shadows and winged eyeliners.

So what should you be expecting in the make-up industry this year? Let us take a look:

Creative eye make-up

Expect some creative new trends when it comes to eye make-up in 2022. Mali Thomas makeup artist and founder of Mali Magic Studios told Glamour, that negative space eye-liner will be one of the highlights. “Negative space liner is the cherry on top as it invites more room for you to play and easy cleanup mistakes as opposed to eyeliner traditionally drawn closely above the eyelash line,” Mali told Glamour. If you are looking to include this eyeliner technique into your make-up, try going for some bright bold colours like neon or red.

Soft Foundations

As consumers grow more accepting of showing off their natural skin, foundations will become softer. Gone are the days when you had to apply layers of foundation to hide your natural skin and cake up your face. Celebrity make-up artist Ash Kholm told Glamour, “We’ve really started to soften up the skin when it comes to foundation.” Invest in lightweight glowing skin products that do not suffocate your skin. Go for cream or liquid formulas like cream blush and liquid highlighters and blend them into a lightweight base. Those who are averse to the foundation can stick with concealer just where you need it.

Diffused Lips

This Korean trend of diffused lips is predicted to be a make-up trend this year. Inspired by Asian culture, the look features soft stains that concentrate the colour in the centre of the lip and fade towards the edges. This provides a natural, stained effect that looks effortless.

Bold Lips

For those who want to go for maximum impact, bold lip colours will be all the rage this year. A bright red lip colour, or brown lip colour is all you need to add a glamorous touch to your look.


There will be some new trends when it comes to eyebrow make-up this year. From fluffy laminated brows to detailed brows, make-up will be focused on this area as well. Stock up on those heavy-duty brow pencils and spoolie brushes if you are aiming to achieve these make-up trends. To achieve a detailed eye-brow look, the application is mastered with a brow pencil, then accentuated with a brow pen for a defined and fuller appearance.

Which of these beauty trends are you going to include in your routine?

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