Attention Logophiles! Five Books For All Wordle Lovers

The internet was taken by a storm of words and tiles when a Welsh-born software engineer, Josh Wardle, launched a game called Wordle. Social media, especially Twitter, was filled with Wordle scores. The game is quite simple. One has to guess the word of the day. Another quirky feature of the game is that you can play it only once a day.

Wordle, since its launch, became a trend and sparked curiosity regarding words and alphabets in people. Wordle was instantaneously adopted by logophiles and gradually turned regular people into logophiles. So, if you are also someone who has turned into a logophile, we bring you five books that you should pick and read once you come out of the Wordle hangover.

The Liar’s Dictionary: A Novel

Written by wordsmith Eley Williams, the book presents its readers with chronicles of a lexicographer and a young woman who tracks her word-laden life journey while trying to make sense of her own. It’s the author’s debut novel and has not failed to make their readers feel delighted.

D: A Tale Of Two Worlds

A fantastical plotline that is set up between England and the wintry lands of Liminus, the novel introduces the readers to a morning when the very existence of the letter D disappears. Books, road signs, and even things and people that start with D disappear. The novel is authored by Michel Faber.

The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel

Penned down to impress by Diane Setterfield, The Thirteenth Tale captures the story of a biographer and an author whose lives intertwine to give birth to a mysterious, ghostly tale. The plot twists, and some unforgettable characters get more alive with each page you flip. It is a book that is hard to put down.

In Other Words

The seduction of languages other than your mother tongue is impeccably described in this book authored by Jhumpa Lahiri and Ann Goldstein. The book showcases how Jhumpa falls in love with Italian and then eventually moves to Rome with her family to read and write solely in the adopted tongue. The book is a writer’s journey to find a new voice, perfectly woven into a collection of pages.

The Dictionary Of Lost Words: A Novel

A tale of discarded words that are related to women’s experiences motivates a young girl to write her own dictionary of lost words. Esme, daughter of a lexicographer, realises the power of language and the importance of stories that have lost weight due to a collection of words lost amid time. This delightful page-turner is authored by Pip Williams.

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