How Many Cups of Coffee a Day are Healthy for You?

Most people start their day with a steaming cup of coffee. It helps them to get charged and go for their day. Coffee can support heart health, lower the risk of depression, help in weight management, and more. With such great benefits and divine taste, coffee is the go-to drink of many people. But it is said that excess consumption of anything can be harmful to health.

Have you ever wondered how much coffee consumption is enough for a day?

How many cups of coffee a day are enough?

The main content of coffee is caffeine. To have the benefits of coffee, you need to consume it in the right amount which is up to 400 milligrams (mg) for healthy adults. Four to five cups of brewed coffee have nearly 400 milligrams of caffeine. If while having coffee you maintain the amount of caffeine in your body then you are good to go. A cup of coffee has nearly 70 to 140 milligrams of caffeine.

Depending on the amount of coffee you have in a cup, you can have nearly four cups of coffee in a day. Excessive amounts of caffeine can cause many health issues including dizziness, dehydration, headache, fast heart rate, restlessness, and serious mental health issues such as anxiety.

Do not eliminate coffee from your life

Do not think about eliminating coffee from your life because it also has advantages that make a strong case for coffee drinkers. Caffeine is the first thing that pops up in our mind when we talk about the contents of coffee, but it also has antioxidants and other active substances. These antioxidants can help you in reducing internal inflammation and help protect against certain diseases. Your liver will also thank you as coffee helps in maintaining your liver enzyme level.

So go pour that hot cup of coffee and fall in the magic of the divine taste.

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