Why We Experience a ‘Shock’ When Our Elbow Hits a Hard Surface

Have you noticed that whenever we bang our elbow against a hard surface, we feel an “electric” shock? As in, the shock or vibration we experience immediately after our elbow hits a surface is not much different from an electric current.

The next question, of course, is if you have wondered why this happens? There is a very detailed scientific explanation to it. The elbow bones, also commonly known as funny bones, produce a current as soon as they hit a hard surface.

The main reason behind this is the ulnar nerve, which passes through the elbow. According to a BBC report, the bone, which goes from the elbow to the shoulder, is commonly known as the humerus. In the English language, humour means joke, which is why it is also known as the Funny Bone. If anything hits this bone, you get an electric shock-like sensation.

The main reason for this sensation is the ulnar nerve. This nerve originates from our spine and reaches the fingers directly through the shoulders. As soon as something strikes this nerve that protects the funny bone, then the person feels a shock. We mistakenly think that this is a blow to the bone, whereas, in reality, it is the ulnar nerve that responds. As soon as something hits it, the neurons transmit signals to our brain and the reaction is like an electric current.

Some people feel a tingling and tickling sensation when this occurs.

This is usually because of a layer of fat that protects the bones and nerves of our body. So, the next time something like this occurs, you already know the reason behind it.

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