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Soon after Google announced ChromeOS Flex, a ‘lifeline’ for old Windows and Mac devices, a new Virtual Application Delivery (VAD) platform was announced that allows Chromebook users to run Windows applications via the web, according to a report by Windows Central.
Dubbed as Cameyo, it’s a VAD platform and it has been certified as a Chrome Enterprise Recommended solution. That means the tool is optimised for Chrome OS and it also meets performance standards as well.
The report confirms that the tool relies on virtualisation to run legacy Windows applications and web apps on Chromebooks through web browsers. Apart from that, it also offers security benefits and comes with built-in support for HTTPS, single sign-on and ability to keep apps separate from the OS apps.
Virtual and cloud-based desktop computing has become a thing ever since Microsoft announced its Windows 365 service for enterprise and businesses.
In related news, Google has recently announced the Chrome OS Flex operating system for Windows and Mac devices, allowing users to run Chrome OS natively on them. The Chrome OS Flex is almost similar to the regular Chrome OS and also supports all the apps and features that Chrome OS supports.
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