Mahashivratri Special: What is the Significance of Shiva’s Third Eye?

Lord Shiva is described as the “Destroyer” in Hinduism. He is revered for his colossal powers. But he is also feared for his “third eye”.

Shiva’s third eye has long captivated and frightened people. As one imagines it, the third eye sits right between his two eyes on his forehead. According to folklore, the third eye has the power to unleash fire and devastation, bringing the world to end. However, the third eye is also connected with spiritual importance.

While his right eye symbolises the sun, the left signifies the moon. The third eye depicts fire. In contrast to his two eyes that represent his activities in the physical world, the third eye views beyond. He controls the physical universe with His sensory eyes.

While Lord Shiva’s third eye is commonly viewed as a symbol of strength and destruction, it is also recognised as the eye of inner wisdom and knowledge by many. It is said that Shiva’s third eye allows him to see beyond the apparent, something that the other two eyes cannot perceive.

It is also recognised as a powerful emblem in Shiva, protecting the good from evil. According to legend, when the third eye opens, all darkness and ignorance are annihilated. So, in some ways, the third eye denotes the eradication of the wicked.

In Buddhism, the third eye is associated with focussing one’s thoughts as a portal to the inner realm and greater awareness. In other words, it aids in the attainment of enlightenment.

According to spiritual beliefs, we all can activate our third eye and therefore achieve enlightenment. The third eye is also known as Gyananakashu.

As a result, contrary to popular opinion, the third eye does not alone represent Shiva’s rage and destructive force. In reality, it points the route to wisdom, knowledge, greater awareness, and enlightenment.

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