Things to keep in mind while doing bodyweight exercises

Exercising regularly is as important as eating healthy to stay fit and energetic. Amid daily chores, people often don’t get time to hit the gym. However, if they have time, they might avoid it due to rising Covid-19 cases. In turn, people have found an alternative to the gym workout. Famous than ever, bodyweight exercises are becoming the go-to fitness fad for all. They can be done anywhere even in the comfort of your home, at any time. You don’t need any equipment, or gym set-up to perform these exercises.

While bodyweight exercises are useful in toning up your body, there are a few mistakes you can make in the absence of a trainer. Having no professional supervision can lead to performing the exercise incorrectly, opting for a wrong posture or doing it too fast, which can result in serious injuries.

To help you out to do it right, we have prepared a list of things that you may be missing out on while doing the bodyweight exercises. While you shed your kilos, keep these things in mind:

Warm-up before you start exercising

Warm-ups are the most important part of any form of exercise. Whether you are doing yoga, some intense gym session or just regular home exercises, warm-up is like the starter. It helps in losing up your body and relaxing your muscles. Some of the easy warm-up exercises you can do at home are jumping jacks, squats, high knees, stretching and planks. When you start feeling a little loosen up, your body is ready to move for the real workout.

Working out for too long or too little

As bodyweight exercises seem to be easy, people tend to work out for too long. They spend time doing as many reps as they can. On the other hand, some people take it too lightly that they forget to push themselves further. They become lazy and perform exercises slowly getting no effective results.

You should amend your ways and make a timetable of reps and sets of each exercise you should be performing. As your body starts adapting to it, increase exercising time.

Do it right

Bodyweight exercises are pretty simple but people do not tend to follow the right form. Squeeze your core, giving the right amount of gap between hands and legs. Feel the pain in the area you are working out for, if you feel it, you are doing it right.

Gearing up your routine with time

With time, you should change your routine and add up new exercises to it. It’ll be beneficial to add new exercises as your body has adapted to the old ones and require an extra push.

Not taking a break between exercises

If you are changing from one exercise to another, take a 20-second gap in between. The body needs to relax and make way for taking a different exercise.

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