Here’s How Yoga is Key to Recovery From Mental and Physical Trauma

Excerpt – Yoga, which ensures the proper working of a human body in various ways, also provides physical and mental comfort.

Getting past a traumatic experience, be it mentally or physically, can be very exhausting and that too, when you are clueless about how you are going to sail through it. People who have experienced traumatic stress feel physically and mentally threatened most of the time and as a result, they find it hard to heal and develop a sense of safety again. However, there’s a way by which people can recover from trauma mentally and physically without going through much. Yoga, which has many benefits, once again has proved itself useful in helping people attain mental peace after experiencing a traumatic incident. Sometimes, these traumatic circumstances include injury or physical pain or serious illness, while it can also be caused by witnessing a death, a horrific accident or surviving domestic abuse.

Yoga, which ensures the proper working of a human body in various ways, also provides physical and mental comfort. According to Spiritual Yoga Guru Rajesh Singh Maan, also known as Acharya Advait Yogbhushan, Yoga is the key to recovering from any kind of mental and physical trauma. In a conversation with HT Lifestyle, he said that yoga for traumatic experiences is like a ‘secret’ that is so tiny that you have to pay keen attention to understand its effects.

Acharya Advait Yogbhushan defined our body as a machine running on natural energy and resources. He said, ‘We as humans require one fuel in the first place to keep running our system, even without food or water, for several days. This fuel is oxygen’ and several other ‘fuel injectors’ are also required along with oxygen to keep the body working properly. ‘If there is fuel in the tank but the fuel injectors may stop working or may not work properly, then the whole engine may crash and it is the same with humans,’ he shared.

The first and foremost thing in your whole process of recovering from trauma is trying to activate the 100% capacity of your lungs. Because healthy lungs mean a healthy heart and brain, which ultimately secretes endorphins that work as pain killers. As per Acharya Advait Yogbhushan, ‘Only if enough amount of oxygen is extracted by the lungs from the atmosphere and delivered to the heart, it is possible to satisfy our brain else, the brain may not function properly.’ He further stressed that we never use our lungs to their full capacity – we generally use only 2/3 of our lungs.

He said that activating your brain using yoga helps you stay positive and overcome traumatic experiences and thoughts as it secretes a great amount of endorphins. He said, ‘Brain is trying to recover the damages and uses more energy generated by you to pump up your immunity and other recovery systems. So, when the brain is busy most of the time to save you from unconscious damages, using most of the fuel, our lungs fail to deliver enough oxygen to neurons for making you creative and blissful.’

Acharya Advait Yogbhushan added that achieving the ‘meta-human’ phase by ‘focusing on activating the greater number of Alveoli present in our lungs’ and ‘learning techniques to avoid the impacts of mighty gravity on our body,’ will help a person in ‘becoming divinely conscious about the rest of the functioning of the body and the mind will start going into a no-mind state where eternal peace is discovered.’

By practicing yoga, focused on lungs, regularly, one is able to let their brain eradicate any physical or mental trauma.

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