Clothes, Climate and Conscience: How The Fashion Industry May Transform in 2022

The year 2021 was climacteric as the world focused its spectacle on climate change issues like never before. The discourses around sustainable conscience, ethical usage of resources, and climate-conscious behaviour spread their influence in almost all sectors of the world. For example, the auto industry saw many major players deciding to go carbon neutral and hopped on the electric bandwagon.

Something similar simmered in the fashion industry as well. The influence of fashion on the climate is a concept that is not alien to people anymore. The fashion industry is a significant contributor in polluting the environment through the carbon emissions and unsustainable usage of resources while producing clothing commodities.

The year 2022, like its predecessor, is continuing the debate around sustainable climate conscience. Here are some of the developments that the year 2022 is witnessing, which can compound a drastic transformation in fashion statements in society.

Closed-loop Synergy Of Fashion

The circular economy is being driven by the youth who, through various instruments such as social media, are making this idea popular. Thrifting and smart shopping, veiled as trends, are spreading across the populace and gradually heading towards a dominant paradigm. Circular fashion will result in an endless recycling of fashion accessories, including clothes.

Materials Of The Future

With the prevalence of climate-conscious behaviour, not only is the post-production phase being influenced but the pre-production stage of clothing material is also being altered for good. A systematic discontinuation of conventional raw materials and sources to produce various fashion elements can be witnessed. The introduction of greener choices such as leather being sourced from mushrooms, bio-fabrics such as spider silks, etc., are signs of a better future with a reduced carbon footprint.

Formation Of Laws

Although it is just one small part of the entire world, if, domino effect holds any truth, then it might just be a start to something extraordinary. A new bill has been pushed in the US Senate that targets the big brands and aims to correct their ways to produce commodities for their consumers. The Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act holds companies accountable for their ways of production and aims to bring more transparency to the production chain.

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