Reasons Couples Stop Having Sex After a While

Sex might still be a taboo topic in India and still be discussed in hushed whispers in secluded corners but no one can deny the significance of it. We may try our best to downplay the need for sex as a society but physical intimacy in any romantic relationship or marriage is instrumental to the survival of the relationship. Just like emotional unavailability or distancing can wreak havoc on your marriage, lack of sex can also wreak equal havoc. Its effects are more rooted and can then seep into other cracks of the marriage to build a larger problem. And yet, there are couples who stop having sex after a while, sometimes just a year or so into marriage. There may be several reasons behind it, most of which can be worked upon to have a better sex life. But since the first step is always identification of the problem, let us divulge the reasons first so you can work upon it


It goes without saying that engaging in sexual activity with your partner naturally requires you to be fairly energetic and lively. If you have work-related stress and a hectic schedule that eats into much of your private life, you will be too exhausted to do anything once you get home, let alone have sex. The stress increases by leaps and bounds if you have kids at home and responsibilities are not shared.

Dissatisfaction with own body

This may be the age of body positivity but not anyone is able to reshape their thoughts that way. Insecurity about your own body shape and size may drastically decrease your sexual urge out of self-imposed shame and fear. There is also a possibility of one partner gaining a complex if the other one is fit while he or she is not.


A fixed routine while having sex will no doubt lead to boredom after a while, to the extent that it will not excite you anymore. It is necessary to try different ways, change positions and include more elongated and pleasurable foreplay. Boring sex will ultimately lead to no sex.

Conflict in ideologies

Mental or emotional compatibility often plays a major role in physical compatibility as well and if you and your partner have too many conflicts, then it will eventually trickle down to your sex life. A feeling of resentment starts to dawn upon you and becoming physically intimate with your partner becomes difficult.

Bad Hygiene

Bad hygiene is a big turn off during sex. If your partner has not been bathing for days, not brushing his or her teeth or has other unhygienic habits, you will ultimately be disgusted and not want to have sex.

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