Weight Loss: Include These 5 Changes in Your Diet if You Want to Get in Shape This Year

There are a plethora of tips available on the internet to shed some kilos, however, one needs to be very cautious while implementing them. Weight loss not just boosts overall health but also boosts an individual’s immunity. Despite following a bunch of hacks and diet charts, many people are not able to achieve optimum weight. Of the various ways to lose weight, the most promising and effective method is to bring changes in diet. But people should ensure that the changes should be long lasting, in case the diet changes are made for a short duration and later people move back to their old diet, there are high chances that their weight might also bounce back.

‘Watch what you eat and how much you eat’ – is the mantra if you are aiming to lose weight in 2022. For a start, follow these 5 diet habits to shed some kilos.


Keep track of your water intake. Water is a wonder liquid and it plays a vital role in losing weight. On average, people should drink 3-4 litres of water. The best way to track your water consumption is by drinking water from a bottle and setting a target of the number of bottles you would finish off in a day. Also, before your meals, don’t forget to drink a glass of water. This small hack will prevent you from hogging on food.

Protein Intake

The right amount of protein is essential to retain your core strength and muscle mass, however, a high protein diet is not recommended for the long run. One should always consult a dietician and discuss all the underlying medical conditions, and effects of such diets in the long run. Seek recommendations on the amount of protein one should consume on a daily basis.

Cut down the carbs

Cutting down on carbohydrates regulates the overall composition of the body. One should restrict themselves from consuming a high quantity of carbohydrates, instead compensate it with proteins and vegetables. Reducing carb intake aids in weight loss.

Fibre and roughage

Fibre or roughage are plant-based nutrients that are highly recommended for weight loss. They play a vital role in removing digested food material, cleaning the digestive system, and easing bowel movement.

Count your bites

Good metabolism ensures good health, and improper metabolism leads to a series of complications, the prominent being constipation. The more you chew your food, the easier you are making it for the body to metabolise it. Hence, it is advised that food should be chewed properly, ideally 32 times before swallowing.

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