Mandira Bedi Perfectly Nails Plank Posture, See Pic

The rising COVID-19 numbers in several states amid the spread of the Omicron variant has led to the shutting down of public places, like spa and restaurants. With gyms also closed, people have to return to home workouts, and who else other than Bollywood actor Mandira Bedi to take inspiration from. Setting the bar of fitness, in her latest Instagram post, Mandira flaunted her ripped calf muscles and toned body. Mandira had shared her Tuesday plank session and it is the exact fitness inspiration we need to brush aside our workday blues.

Mandira shared a picture from her workout routine that gave fans a glimpse of her robust exercise session. The snap featured the actor acing the plank game but also the athleisure wear game, in a strappy crop top, a pair of shorts, sneakers, and a black cap. She also wore a fitness watch to accessorise her look.

While doing planks, one has to balance the body weight on forearms that were stretched out on the Yoga mat and on toes. Through her post, Mandira made jaws drop as she pulled off a neat plank posture. Putting her wit on the display, she captioned the post, “plankyouverymuch.”

Benefits of plank exercise:

Exercises that rely on an individual’s own body weight and are performed with differing levels of intensity and rhythm are termed Calisthenics. Such exercises build serious strength, improves brain-body connection, helps in shedding weight and body fat, reduces injury risk, improves mobility, ease of movement, and also ensures long-term health. For beginners, calisthenics workouts like push-ups, squats, pullups, jumping exercises, and planks are the best.

As far as planks are concerned, it is one of the ideal exercises to burn calories. Apart from giving one an improved posture, flexibility, and a tighter tummy, Planks also strengthen the chest, back, neck, abs, and shoulders. Planks help in building core strength, improves flexibility and metabolism, assists in avoiding illness, and above all burns the fat around your abdomen.

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