How to Perform Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test at Home and What to Avoid?

The third wave, driven by Covid-19’s omicron variant, has started to bite as the number of daily cases and positivity rate, both, are seeing an unfortunate rise. With the more mischievous and allegedly vaccine-resilient variant spreading virulently, the use of Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) Covid-19 test kit is becoming widely popular among people.

These home test kits allow people to test if they’ve contracted the virus without going to a lab and waiting for a day to get the results. Although they are able enough to detect the virus with almost full accuracy, there are cases where false negatives and positives are also detected. In this article, let us walk you through the aspects of rapid home test kits, including steps to use them.

How To Use A Rapid Antigen Test Kit At Home?

Step 1: Firstly, download the app mentioned on the packing of the testing kit and register on it by filling in the required credentials. Find a sanitized and clean surface to perform the test.

Step 2: Wash your hands, and then start handling the test. It is important that the test is concluded within 30 minutes of opening the kit.

Step 3: Take the extraction tube and gently tap it on a clean surface for the liquid to settle. Uncap the tube and, with the other hand, handle the safe nasal swab. The safe nasal swab should not be touched from the swab end.

Step 4: Insert the swab in your nose, roughly 3 centimeters deeps, and roll it at least five times. Insert the swab into the extraction tube and break it when required. Cap the tube again.

Step 5: Pour a few drops on the testing slide to see the results.

How To Read The Testing Slide?

Once you add a few drops from the extraction tube on the testing slide, you will see lines appearing well within 20 minutes. If there are lines beside both C and T, then the result is positive, and if there is a line visible only beside C, the result is negative.

False Negative And Positive

False-negative and positive are not very common but aren’t impossible as well. If the lines appearing on the test slide are faint, then it may be hard for you to interpret the result and can result in a false positive/negative. If unsure, you must go through the test a second time to be sure.

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