Best Immunity Booster Drinks to Protect Yourself Against Omicron

The previous two years have indeed been unpleasant for the entire world due to the deadly virus known as Covid-19. We all have had to adapt to this new normal. The virus had proliferated all across the world and continues to do so. Covid-19 has mutated several times, and the most recent variant is known as Omicron.

Maintaining social distance, wearing masks, and practising hygiene are among the fundamental precautions you are advised to take to reduce the risk of getting infected by the virus. However, what you consume during the day also plays an important part in maintaining your health. Foods and beverages including high nutritional vegetables, fruits, and spices help in increasing immunity and reducing the likelihood of viral infection. A healthy immune system serves as a barrier against invading infections, preventing the virus from developing a serious illness.

Here we have listed some immunity-boosting drinks to incorporate into your diet to keep you safe from the deadly virus.

Tea or brew of herbs

The Ministry of Ayush also emphasized the need of drinking tea or brew (‘kadha’) infused with herbs to boost immunity. Tulsi, dalchini, kalimirch, and dry ginger, as well as munakka can be used to make it. It can be consumed once or twice in a day, with sweetener or fresh lime juice added for flavour.

A concoction of Tulsi and Ginger

It is thought to be one of the greatest health-related lifestyle approaches. Tulsi and ginger, both considered effective immune boosters, offer a unique mix of therapeutic actions that enhances immunity and endurance. This combination boosts anti-oxidant compounds and raises the efficiency of antioxidant enzymes, which safeguard the body.

Apple Cider Drink

This beverage has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial substances. Apple cider vinegar inhibits the growth of bacterial substances in the body while encouraging the growth of beneficial gut microbiomes, which are necessary for good immunity. Haldi and ginger roots are both high in antioxidants compounds, and antiseptic qualities. This will help you fight the virus.

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