Here’s Why You Should Avoid Adding Sugar to Your Tea or Coffee

We all are keen on looking for substitutes for sugar, considering how dreadful it is for our health (Image: Shutterstock)

When you take sugar in hot beverages, it is swiftly absorbed into the blood.

If you’ve set the goal of becoming as healthy as possible this year, you’re probably aware that adapting to minor lifestyle changes is the key to adhering to your newfound wellness. One of them is limiting your sugar intake in beverages known as coffee or tea.

It’s no news that sugar isn’t that good for our health, yet it may be difficult to avoid ingesting it on a daily basis. “Would you want sugar in the coffee?” or “Would you want some sugar in your tea?” we are frequently asked. This can result in a downward cycle of putting one spoon of sweetness to three or four spoons for the perfect cuppa. It may appear to be a modest quantity, but each day when you have your caffeine fix boost, it may add up and have a negative impact on your health.

How does sugar affect your health?

When taking sugar in hot beverages, it is simple to consume a big volume of fluid in a short period of time, and sugar contained in it is swiftly absorbed into the blood.

It’s one of the issues with sugary hot beverages in particular. Everyone is aware that we have a breakpoint in blood sugar levels; therefore, whatever goes up must drop down. In reaction to it, the pancreas secretes a large amount of insulin. A quick increase and fall in blood sugar levels may be harmful to health; moreover, it may put people in danger of fat accumulation underneath the skin and, more concerningly, in the bowels, liver, and pancreas.

Alternatives to add sweetness to your beverages

If you can only handle a cup of latte or tea after it’s been completely saturated with sweetness, here are a few techniques for cutting more calories out of your diet even without making much effort. The healthier alternatives listed below may be useful.

  • Cinnamon–Adding this wonderful spice to your cuppa gives it a bit of sweetness while also boosting your immune system, something we could all use in the early hours! You just need a small amount on top, however, if you want to change the flavour, use nutmeg or cardamom.
  • Cocoa Powder–Cocoa contains antioxidants that can improve the overall richness of your cup of joy. Before brewing, a tiny quantity can be mixed into the coffee.
  • Almond Extract or Vanilla Extract– These extracts are organically sweet and are excellent methods to disentangle yourself from extra sugar or sweeteners. Just a few drops will do.

When you begin to use these healthy choices, your sugar cravings will diminish.

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